Everything You Should Know About Wheel Alignment

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, also known as tire alignment, is a process that helps your tires stay firm and perform longer. It helps in improving the handling and prevents the vehicle from pulling in one direction or having strange vibration. Experts perform car wheel alignment service on the suspensions (mechanism that connects wheels with the car) and not an adjustment on wheels or tires. Proper alignment means adjustment of angles by which a car performs better on the road.


Types of Wheel Alignment

Professional engine repair services in Livonia performs wheel alignment in different ways depending on the type and requirement of your vehicle. A comprehensive wheel alignment procedure consists of various types of services that fulfill your needs accordingly. These types include:


  • Camber Adjustment

Wheel adjustment due to worn, damaged or broken strut mountings and arm bushings is camber adjustment. The mountings can either become positively or negatively cambered and needs realignment for optimal performance.


  • Caster Adjustment

Caster angle helps a vehicle in balancing stability and cornering during steering. The steering wheel will tilt towards the driver in case of positive caster and steering axis tilts towards the front for a negative caster. Midas Livonia experts can perform adjustment on vehicles that have suffered damage due to accidents.


  • Toe In/Out Adjustment

Toe-in /out occurs due to damaged steering components, arm bushing or tie rod ends. This leaves the steering box dis-balanced and compromises the stability during driving. Adjustment of toe-in/out alignment helps in better steering capability, especially for sharp turns.


  • Four-Wheel Adjustment

A four-wheel alignment is the adjustment procedure that ensures all the wheels align appropriately with each other towards the centerline or thrust line. Car wheel alignment service of this type is usually for a high-end sports car, but most modern vehicles take benefit from the procedure also.


Why Is It Important?

Maintaining a proper wheel alignment is vital to take the stress off the tires, steering, suspension and brakes. Wheel alignment done by professionals optimizes the driving stability, increases tire life and improves the handling of a vehicle. The reasons why it holds value during servicing includes:

  • Preventing a vehicle to pull towards one side
  • Avoiding excess pressure on tires or suspensions
  • To receive maximum road grip from tires


Many underlying causes compel an owner to consider wheel alignment. However, most of these remain undetected until they cause a significant issue. Some common causes identified by professional engine repair services in Livonia include:

  • Wear and tear on tires and suspension
  • Results of impact on potholes due to lowered or heightened suspension
  • Worn out inner or outer edges and tire treads
  • Tires have experienced one-sided wear and tear


There are a few visible ways to tell if the vehicle needs an alignment. If you notice any of these indications, immediately contact Midas Livonia car care expert. Factors include:

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Vehicle putting stress towards one side
  • The steering feels off-centered while driving
  • Vibration in steering or wheels


What Happens During Alignment

Car wheel alignment service is a process that brings a car to its proper configuration for better stability and steering. It positions and adjusts the components and wheels for optimum performance and better road grip. Experts perform wheel alignment in a controlled environment and using proper equipment. They use sophisticated applications and specially designed computers to make the adjustment precisely and accurately. They also make sure that no suspension has suffered damage or worn out due to excess pressure.


Alignment process requires the squaring of car wheels with each other to make them move in the same direction. Experts adjust various angles known as toes, cambers and casters to improve the stability and performance. Along with angles, the expert also ensures that the steering wheel remains centered.


Each car manufacturer has designated alignment angles that engine repair services in Livonia take into consideration. Deviating from the angles means a compromise in the stability and overall handling. The type of wheel alignment depends on the suspension of a vehicle. A four-wheel alignment is the requirement of cars that drive on all wheels with independent suspensions. If you do not have a four-wheel configuration, you will likely receive two front-end alignment in which the axle components receive an adjustment.



Service providers usually provide a printout of the alignment done for the client to go through and identify any shortcoming. Before and after images of the axle and suspensions will likely give you a clear view of the service and adjustments made.

Reasons and Benefits of Regular Car Servicing

As a car owner, you are aware that regular servicing of your car keeps it safe and running. We depend so much on our vehicles for the daily commute, and any unwanted mishap ruins our day greatly. Regular service from a reputed Midas Livonia garage is the best way to ensure you gain maximum performance from your vehicle with convenience and ease. Car service may seem like nothing, but it holds considerable value to keep your car in a functional state. When you shower your vehicle with care as a part of maintenance feature, you receive countless benefits out of this simple activity.


The Importance of Livonia Auto Repair

Repairing and maintaining your car is an integral part of keeping it performing optimally. Your vehicle is an extension of your comfort and luxury that needs care from your side. Maintenance is the key to keep your vehicle in top shape and ensure safety for everyone. Maintenance factors can be minor like brake oil change, or major such as transmission repair in Livonia. Notably, all issues if remained unhandled contribute to the vehicle’s performance. Unwanted repairs and issues can arise at any time, and ruin a perfect travelling moment.


Preventive Maintenance Tips by Experts in Auto Repair in Livonia, MI

Your vehicle is more than just a piece of machinery. It can be the luxury that you can brag about or a speedster that you would love to drive. Almost every family today owns a vehicle for their daily commute. The longevity of your car relies on the maintenance and quality of auto parts used for repairs or replacement. One of the notable qualities of today’s automobiles is that they need less frequent maintenance and services. Earlier, changing spark plugs and body rust was an acceptable issue related to ageing of the vehicle. Today, parts can last longer than their anticipated life. This does not negate the need for an expert service like Midas Livonia auto repair, as vehicle problems can arise at any time.