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Our techs have more than 25 years experience in Foreign and Domestic Engine Diagnostics and Repairs - We do "Dealer Quality" work at very reasonable prices. Give us a call today at 734-981-1090 to learn how our prompt, professional service will get your car on the road as soon as possible and at the possible price possible.

Diagnostics and Engine Repair Services in Livonia

Consider Engine Diagnostics as Important

Most of the times, people do not consider paying attention to engine issues or run diagnostics. Little do they know that their negligence will cost them more than they expect. Not paying attention to warning lights is the initial stage of engine failure that eventually results in total shutdown. All professional engine repair shops emphasize on regular engine diagnostics to keep the condition of the engine in check.

That is why you should never hesitate to approach Midas Livonia for engine diagnostics and necessary repairs if needed. As soon as you have any indication, let our expert technicians run diagnostics and checks and provide adequate care.

Auto Engine Repair Services

Midas Livonia is your one-stop shop for engine repair services in Livonia, providing a complete range of car care services at the best price. We have a fully equipped service center to address all your engine-related issues. We offer state of the art diagnostic tools, maintenance checks and certified mechanics for vehicles of every make and model.

Place your trust in the expertise of our skilled professionals for an exceptional car engine care and quality service.

Complete Engine Service by Reliable Car Mechanics

Midas Livonia is committed to ensuring the safety on the road and extending the life of your vehicle. The practices of our auto repair shop fulfil the industry standards for service excellence. Moreover, we also provide complete engine service with detailed estimates and suggestions for you to make informed decisions for engine repairs.

Nothing is scarier and frustrating than having your car’s engine shut down while driving. Whether your warning light starts flickering for no reason or your engine starts to give away, we can help you. Our skilled and reliable mechanics run appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the cause of engine failure and address it immediately.

We understand that engine issues can be quite frustrating, so we go beyond traditional processes to eliminate the problem.  We take engine repair very seriously as we do not want you or your vehicle to suffer any incident on the road. You can rely on the expertise of our mechanics to identify and repair the issue through proper procedures.

Affordable Service at Your Disposal

Midas Livonia places an affordable and trustworthy service at your disposal. From a primary preventive measure to full engine repair, we are the ones for best quality car care. Our expertise in engine repair services gives you a satisfactory engine repair that you will surely appreciate.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality and exceptional car care service to our clients. No task is too small or too big for our experts, and the best part is that our service comes under budget. If you need assistance from an affordable and reliable service, you have come to the right place.

We offer fair pricing with written estimates and no hidden charges. You can rest assured that you will receive quality service at affordable rates. We promise to deliver you the best services to fulfill our commitment.

You can contact us anytime or visit our shop for estimates or further information.

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