Your Total Car Repair Center: Dealership Quality at a Fair Price Brake and Vehicle Maintenance Inspection

For your motoring safety All Tune & Lube provides a visual brake and vehicle maintenance inspection. If upon inspection we find service suggested or required, we will supply a written estimate.

Most vehicles / when applicable.

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Professional Car Maintenance Service

Car maintenance and servicing is necessary to keep your vehicle functional and safe for driving. You can bring your vehicle to Midas Livonia for a complete inspection and car maintenance service. We are locally operating professionals dedicated to giving the best service to our clients. We provide you with not only reliable auto maintenance but also exceptional customer service. We have a team of certified professionals ready to deliver you the best car care and maintenance service.

Our goal is to keep your vehicle in top condition and reduce the chances of breakdowns or unexpected incidents. Besides condition, we keep your engine performance and fuel efficiency preserved to extend its life. Every maintenance and repair service has a warranty backing, so stop by anytime to benefit from our expertise.

Quality Vehicle Inspection

We encourage vehicle owners to undergo scheduled maintenance and keep their cars in proper condition. Scheduled maintenance is useful as it prevents expensive repair bills later. Please consult your owner’s manual for scheduled maintenance or visit our shop for a free vehicle inspection. We will assess every issue and recommend the best course of action.

Maintaining Your Warranty

If your vehicle is under warranty, you have to follow maintenance schedules or become void. That is why vehicle inspection and maintenance is necessary. Midas Livonia helps you retain the warranty by offering superior car maintenance service. You can have the best quality service from our shop, and we will provide the necessary paperwork as proof.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Regular maintenance not only keeps your car in proper health but also helps identify any underlying issues. Usually, every significant repair activity results from a neglected minor issue that you could have addressed earlier. Timely inspections give you a chance to take care of minor problems before they become too costly to handle. Do not ignore small activities in car maintenance services like an oil change or brake inspection as they affect vehicle performance.

Car Maintenance Services Offered

You can have free vehicle inspection for various issues, including:

  • Brake inspection
  • Wheel alignment and calipers
  • Checking hydraulic system
  • Inspection of brake hardware
  • Inspection and refilling of fluids
  • Inspection of belts, hoses, exhausts, gaskets, pumps, and radiator
  • Checking suspension systems
  • Oil change

Tire and wheel maintenance

Increase Resell Value

Scheduled maintenance significantly increases the resell value of your vehicle. When you take care of your car, you can ask for a better price based on its performance. The prices of used vehicles have increased, ensuring that you stick to scheduled maintenance for a better value.

At Midas Livonia, we treat your vehicle with the utmost care and encourage you to benefit from our expertise. Take advantage of our free vehicle inspection and take care of the issue for better performance.

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