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if your car’s heater suddenly stops working in the middle of winter, it can make it downright miserable.
Not only would the inside of your car feel like an ice box, but a broken heater can prevent your defroster from blowing warm air to your windshield to eliminate ice and fog, which can pose a hazard while driving. Not having a working heater could even become a dire situation, if you end up stranded.


Midas Livonia – Superior Service for Car AC Repair in Livonia

Your Trusted AC Repair Shop

You feel uncomfortable in your drive if your air conditioning system stops functioning. When you feel like you receive less cool or warm air than expected, head to Midas Livonia immediately. We will conduct a performance test for identification and then take the necessary cooling or car heating repair measures. Whether an unpleasant odor coming out of the vents or AC blows too much hot air, you need immediate attention. You can trust our technicians to identify and address underlying issues in car AC to give you a pleasant drive.

We are a trusted name for car AC repair in Livonia serving numerous clients since our inception. We will surely trace the source of the problem and solve your problem without hassle.

We Use Environmentally Friendly Methods

No cooling during heatwave or malfunctioning heater in winter? This is an indication something is not right with your AC. You may also feel a bad smell, too warm air blowing from vents, no pressure, or failure to blow at all. You might search for car AC repair near me and have our name at the top. This is because of our professionally trained technicians who employ environmentally friendly methods. Head to our auto shop before little warm air turns into a heated problem. All the clues above indicate that you have a Freon leak, which can pollute your car's environment and damage parts. Our technicians perform system inspections to determine the extent of the issue, and they make necessary repairs where needed. All the testing and repair techniques employed by us are 100% environmentally friendly. We bring your AC back in its original working condition without too much problem.

Our Service, Our Guarantee

We ensure that a visit to our AC repair shop will be a satisfactory experience for you. Drop by our shop for scheduled maintenance or emergency repair under the supervision of our skilled technicians. We identify the actual issue and then communicate with you before proceeding with the repairs needed. Our service comes with a promise of professional attention and a guarantee of long-term functioning. We promise to fix your air conditioner in the right way, at the right price, and right on time. You can set an appointment for the best car AC repair in Livonia for a sweat-free drive.

Comprehensive Evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your car heating repairs or cooling performance. Our evaluation procedure includes:

  • Examination of the blower and internal controls
  • Checking radiator coolant for operating temperature along with hoses and thermostat
  • Inspection of compressor belt
  • Inspection for leaks or signs of damage on the system
  • Cooling system pressure test
  • Verification of AC pressure to meet the specifications by the manufacturer
  • Measurement of interior vent air temperature
  • Many others

Our skilled and professional technicians conduct all evaluation and performance tests under their watchful eye. Our evaluation identifies any underlying issues and the methods that we can use to address them.

You can contact us anytime or visit our ac repair shop for quick maintenance or comprehensive evaluation. We promise the quality of service and we deliver just that to our clients.

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