Preventive Maintenance Tips by Experts in Auto Repair in Livonia, MI

Preventive Maintenance Tips by Experts in Auto Repair in Livonia, MI

Your vehicle is more than just a piece of machinery. It can be the luxury that you can brag about or a speedster that you would love to drive. Almost every family today owns a vehicle for their daily commute. The longevity of your car relies on the maintenance and quality of auto parts used for repairs or replacement. One of the notable qualities of today’s automobiles is that they need less frequent maintenance and services. Earlier, changing spark plugs and body rust was an acceptable issue related to ageing of the vehicle. Today, parts can last longer than their anticipated life. This does not negate the need for an expert service like Midas Livonia auto repair, as vehicle problems can arise at any time.

To help keep your car in top functional condition, here are a few preventive tips from experts in auto repair in Livonia, MI:


  • Timely Engine Oil Change

Cars have various moving parts that need constant lubrication to run smoothly and without friction. Improper lubrication causes these moving parts to rub together and sustain friction damage. Lack of lubrication leads to repeated friction that causes permanent damage to certain parts. To avoid this, have a timely engine oil change as it keeps your car in pristine condition. Engine oil becomes murky or sticky with time and loses its ability to lubricate the parts properly. Experts recommend oil change in Livonia, MI, every 6 months (almost 10,000 km) to ensure the vehicle remains in top running condition. Always rely on experts for an oil change as they know the right oil for your engine (whether synthetic or non-synthetic). Have your engine oil checked regularly for timely change as it makes all the difference for your vehicle life and performance.


  • Buy Gas from Reputable Stations

Low-quality fuel is the most contributing factor for frequent auto repairs in Livonia, MI. Bad quality or unfiltered gas has unwanted minerals and residue that can damage the engine and compromise its performance. Like the station, if they have adequately filtered gas and have the policy to maintain the quality of gas they sell. Some stations do not have filtered pumps that make you vulnerable to dirty gas. Some others do not have the proper mix or worse, have water in their product. You can prevent all these issues by sticking to a trusted gas station. Never compromise the quality of gas to save a few cents.


  • Clean the Engine

The engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle that needs proper cleaning at times. Without a clean and functional engine, your vehicle does not perform well. You have to clear the motor from dust and debris regularly. Additionally, you face blocked filters, leaves under the hood or insects making their way into the engine. All these factors take a toll on the engine and diminish its performance over time. Have Midas Livonia auto repair in your dial list and have your engine cleaned as soon as you feel any change in noise or performance.


  • Regular Checkup from Professional Auto Repair in Livonia, MI

One of the most recommended tips by experts is to have a regular inspection of your car from professional auto experts. Their expertise can identify even the slightest of issue that an average person may ignore. Have experts of engine care or oil change in Livonia, MI to inspect your vehicle and take necessary measures. Regular checkup and early detection will save you money, time and effort to keep your vehicle performing for long. Avoid doing any tweaking by yourself and let the concerned expert handle the issues professionally.


  • Inspect other Areas

Performance of your vehicle does not depend on the engine alone. Various other areas like brakes, clutch, transmission gears, exhaust pipe, weight management etc. can influence its overall performance. Experts of auto repairs in Livonia, MI, can inspect all the related issues besides engine and recommend you a suitable solution.


Final Word

Your vehicle needs care and consideration from your side to keep performing well for a long time. Neglecting small issues like the need for an engine oil change in Livonia, MI or knocking sounds from the engine massively damage and compromise the vehicle. Have professionals inspect your vehicle regularly and take preventive tips above in focus to increase the life of your car.

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