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Our specialists have over 25 years experience in transmissions Diagnostic and Repairs. We do “Dealer Quality” at very reasonable prices. We service Foreign and Domestic Transmissions
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Midas Livonia – Your Service for Transmission Repair in Livonia

Transmission is one of the most complex systems in your car with various sensitive parts. You cannot trust just anybody with an issue regarding the repair or servicing of the transmission system.

Midas Livonia is among the best local transmission shops specializing in the repair and maintenance of car transmission. We are a trusted local service for clients throughout Livonia with experts that can handle your job right.

You need to keep the transmission system in top condition for your vehicle to perform optimally. Therefore, if you feel a failure in the system, you need to have it replaced or repaired as soon as possible. As your experts in transmission repair in Livonia, we specialize in all types of transmission models. We provide servicing or repairing of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual transmissions.

Our goal is to give our clients a service that they deserve and take away their stress. No job is too big or too small for our skilled auto experts. We take transmission related issues very seriously and take all the necessary measures to resolve the issue.

If you feel like your transmission has started to cause a problem or is not functioning correctly, pay us a visit. Our experts will assess the situation and underlying conditions to address the issue before causing any significant damage.

Our Transmission Service

The complete transmission repair package offered by Midas includes:

  • Clutches

Clutch is an essential part of both automatic and manual transmissions and have different types. Clutches help your vehicle gain momentum and shift gears smoothly. Clutch is the part of the system that suffers the most wear and damage. We consider the assessment of clutch first in our process of transmission repair in Livonia.

  • 4WD Transmissions

Not many local transmission shops provide 4-wheel drive transmission repairs due to its complex mechanism. Midas Livonia, however, has professionals for addressing and repairing any issues related to 4WD transmissions. Your car will feel sudden smoothness and strength in gear shifts after our repair service.

  • Automatic/Manual Transmission

Midas specializes in manual and automatic transmission repairs or replacement. We can install a completely new system or make repairs to existing parts.

We assess and replace gearbox issues, clutch timings, diversion of torque from the power source, and other issues. You can have the transmission system of your automatic or manual vehicles replaced or repaired as needed.

Transfer Cases

The transfer case is a part found in the transmission system of the four-wheel-drive system. It receives power and then distributes it to front and rear axles. Usually, the transfer case consists of a gear set, and the modern design has chain drives. Midas handles the problematic issues with transfer cases and makes necessary repairs to keep it functional.

General Diagnostics and Repair Experts

Among all the local transmission shops in Livonia, Midas has gained a reputation as the best service provider. Our general transmission diagnostics and repair process allows us to handle and identify even the slightest issues.

We consider the quality of service as a driving force of our professionalism, and we never compromise on our promise. You can contact us or visit our shop for the necessary assessments and diagnosis.